Our BBQ box contains all of our specially selected BBQ favourites, sufficient to serve 6-8 people (24 individual portions).

Box contents:
6 Thick Pork Sausages
6 Classic Beef Burgers
3 Minted Lamb Burgers
3 Belly Pork Slices
3 Bombay Chicken Kebabs
3 Sirloin Steaks
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These products will be delivered raw, in vacuum sealed packaging where appropriate. Keep refrigerated and do not exceed the use by date on the label.

Suitable for home freezing. Defrost thoroughly in a refrigerator before cooking and use within 24 hours. Once defrosted, do not re-freeze.

The Bombay Chicken Kebabs are not suitable for home freezing.

Cooking Instructions

Remove all packaging before cooking. Ensure product is thoroughly cooked and piping hot throughout before serving.

Ingredients Classic Beef Burgers

Beef, Water, Seasoning (Preservative E221 1.35%, Flavour Enhancer, Antioxidant, Colour).

Contains Gluten (from Wheat), Soya, Sulphur Dioxide.

Ingredients Minted Lamb Burgers

Lamb, Flour (Gluten from Wheat), Rusk (Gluten from Wheat), Seasoning (Salt, Lactose, Dextrose, Preservative e221, Emulsifier E451(i), Flavour Enhancer e621, Flavouring, Ground Spice, Antioxidant e301, Food Colour E128), Mixed Herbs

Ingredients Thick Pork Sausages

Pork (70%), Rusk (Gluten from Wheat), Water, Soya Protein, Seasoning (Preservative e221-flavour enhancer, Antioxidant, Flavouring, Colour).

Filled into natural casings.

Please note that our sausages are filled and linked by hand and therefore some variance in the size and shape of individual links is to be expected.